15 Clear Signs That She is Crazy About You


They say that more than 80% of what you say is expressed non-verbally. This is definitely one of the biggest problems for men who are looking for an obvious yes or no. What’s heartbreaking is that some fellas could end up losing the potential love of their life due to their inability to read between the lines.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to understand to grasp the subtle or even not-so-subtle hints she’s giving. The way she plays with her hair or taps her foot are all indications that she’s definitely feeling something. Unless she’s playing hard to get, look for these 15 signs that she’s clearly interested.

1. Her pupils are dilated


This may not be a clear indication that she’s totally into you, but when her pupils dilate upon seeing you then at least she’s happy you’re around. Now, it’d be totally weird to ask to see her pupils every time you meet. That’s why you need to be subtle; practice makes perfect.


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