5 Dog Breeds for Manly Men


Everybody already knows that dog is man’s best friend. They’ve been at our side for several millennia through thick and thin. There are several breeds of dogs, and the breed you raise says a lot about who you are as a man.


Whether you already have a pooch or are on the hunt for the perfect four-legged wingman, take a look at our picks of the 5 manliest dog breeds.

1. Boxer

Boxers are stocky, energetic, and quite clingy. They can be the most loyal breed if you show them love and offer companionship. Boxers, as their name suggests, will guard you and your family against aything it or you deems unfriendly. They need an outlet to release pent-up energy otherwise your furniture could end up paying the price. Don’t be intimidated by excessive growling or barking as that’s just the way boxers communicate with people.

2. English Bulldog

Bulldogs have gotten a ton of bad rap in the past. What people tend to forget is that the dog draws good or bad vibes from its owner and is hardly ever naturally “evil” on its own, English Bulldogs included. In truth, these pudgy dogs are sweet-natured, loving, and would rather snooze on your couch than rip it to shreds. They are pretty low maintenance, requiring exercise every so often. Just keep a tissue on hand to pick up any stray spit globs dripping down its jowls.

3. Siberian Husky

Despite their stubbornness, Siberian Huskies could make a great addition to your household and family. Do not mistake their independence for lack of affection; they’re extremely friendly towards people they trust, especially children, and can get along with other dogs of any breed. Siberian Huskies require a ton of exercise and freedom, but if you leave a Husky outdoors on its own, it’ll dig up your yard to create a cool spot to chillax.

4. German Shepherd

Bred to both herd and guard, German Shepherds are one of the most reliable dogs you could own. However, if raised on its own, German Shepherds could grow to become aggressive and over-protective, requiring the dog to have obedience training while still a teen pup. They require more exercise than most breeds and will chew up your sofa cushions if they aren’t kept busy.

5. Doberman Pinscher

If given the proper training, an 80-pound Doberman will be as sweet and lighthearted as a 10-pound poodle. However, when push comes to shove, a Doberman can switch from super-friendly and people-oriented to chew-your-leg-until-you-beg-for-mercy dangerous. A lack of physical activity could drive a Doberman to become overly aggressive and irritable, though they can adjust to indoor life quite easily.