7 Tips to Help Men Shed Weight Quickly


In this day and age where fatty foods run rampant but we don’t, it’s increasingly important that we make time to get a few minutes of daily exercise.


For whatever reason you want to lose weight, here are 7 scientifically proven ways to start your journey to achieve your ideal physique.

1. Make a lifestyle eating plan

So, fellas, let’s get real. Most of the diets you’ve read or heard about are nonsense. They either ask you to starve yourself or have you consume a variety of foods that you wouldn’t normally touch with a 10-foot pole. A lifestyle eating plan is not like the millions of questionable diets out there, but instead you need to dedicate your life to proper food consumption and frequencies.

Here are a few tips to help you begin a lifestyle plan. First, eat every four hours (breakfast at 8, lunch at 12, a healthy snack at 3 or 4, and dinner a 6:30). Second, each meal should consist of around 40% protein, 35% carbohydrates, and 35% healthy fats. Lastly, half of your plate should consist of vegetables – any veggie will do.

2. Drink water to ward off midday munchies

It only makes sense that the source of all living things – H20 – is the key to a healthy life and optimal weight loss. Most undetected cases of dehydration lead to headaches, excessive fatigue, wild mood swings, and reduced concentration levels. When talking about weight loss, water prevents our craving for sweet and/or salty snacks by quickly filling our stomachs. The amount of water you need on a daily basis is relative to your weight, age, and gender, but the rule of thumb is to consume at least ¾ of a gallon every day. If you’re physically active, let your natural thirst guide your water intake.

3. Exercise 30 minutes every day. No excuses!

If you’re just beginning a workout program, it’s never a good idea to go “big or go home.” You need to pace yourself; a good starting point would be to exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. Research has shown that eating healthy paired with half an hour of physical activity will kick-start your metabolism, training it to burn more fat as time goes on. Being physical doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. You could walk your kids to school, take the dog out for a jog, or start a garden in your backyard.

4. Build muscles to burn more fat

The more muscle mass you have, the quicker you’ll burn calories and drop weight. You don’t have to aim to have Arnold’s physique in his prime, but lifting weights and working labor-intensive jobs will melt away body fat. If you’re just getting started, try doing carrying out a good body-weight circuit at least three times a week and increasing the frequency progressively.

5. Sleep at least 7 hours every night

We know that sleep is needed to restore energy, but it’s also an integral part of any exercise program. Without getting into the science, missing out on sleep causes our bodies to burn fat less efficiently, leaving us more fatigued during the day and craving a midday carb load. Furthermore, getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night ensures that our bodies burn fat, not muscle, to supply us with energy.

6. Plan, execute, and modify

The only way to stay dedicated is if you set an achievable goal. In the beginning, it may just be a few small-scale successes like dropping a pound in two weeks, spending less at fast-food chains, or even cycling to work at least once a month. However, you need to have it all mapped out, from goals to execution. As things progress, make sure to make corrections to your plan based on past performance.

7. Reward yourself at every milestone

What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure meal? Pizza? Burgers? A whole roast turkey with sides? Whatever it is, whenever you achieve a milestone in your weight-dropping plan, be sure to reward yourself with something you love, food or otherwise. The key to your ideal physique is control so try not to go overboard. However, the longer to stick to your exercise plan, the easier it’ll be to control your cravings.