Female Sports Fans Deserve More Attention


When people hear the word; “sports”, the first thing that comes to mind is a group of men, a lot of adrenaline, booze and cheering. It is very rare to find the term to be associated with female fans of sports because it is generally believed that women don’t like it much. However, contrary to popular view, there are so many female sport fans in the world with more in-depth sports knowledge than even some men. These women are usually found to be just as passionate about their various clubs as their male counterparts.
Stacey Pope; a Professor of Applied Sciences at Durham University revealed that there is a wide disparity of how men and women fans are perceived. Men are considered “die-hard” fans and women are considered “fake” fans. She recommends that to fully understand how women view sports, society needs to move beyond this distinction because, there are more variations of female fans than people are aware of.
Stacey’s research results showed that female fans were split into “hot” fans and more casual “cool” fans. These “hot” fans were very dedicated and considered sports as a crucial aspect of their identity. A lot of them were identified through discovery of their favorite clubs on their CVs or when they admitted that they always let people they met know what club they support.
The “cool” female fans did not respond to sports in the same way. For them, they viewed sports as a hobby, or as something fun to engage in during their leisure time. A few women were even established to have moved between these two modes of fandom due to childbirth. Hot fans usually became cool fans because childcare forces them to dedicate more time to the children, further revealing that women are usually responsible for the main bulk of childcare.
The research revealed that female sports need to be taken more seriously. If this isn’t done, a major section of sports fans will be alienated, making sports only a habit men enjoy.