How Men Will Benefit From Fixing The Gender Gap


The question about the existence of gender gap has gradually faded out of existence as the awareness of the existence of gender gap has increased. Although, the awareness does not mean that anything is being done about it. Statistics has revealed that there is a 9.7% difference in the average earnings of men and women. This directly hints at some sort of structural disadvantage to women.
A coverage into the gender commute gap has estimated the time it takes women to get to work each day t be about 15 minutes compared to 1 hour for men. Researcher have gone ahead to relate this to the imbalance in the expectation placed on both genders as regards childcare activities.
A report released in 2014 on the Women and Equalities Committee made a recommendation that paternity leave needed to be scrapped. This was due to the fact that less than 1% of UK fathers were actually making use of leave days they were entitled to. The reason for this was because men were usually pressured by societal expectation and stereotypes. Fathers themselves have testified being marginalized by schools their kids go to, making them miss out on the fun aspects of parenting.
Men and boys face a lot of issues today. These issues range from under-reported male victims of sexual assault and when there is a focus on these issues, it is usually met with a backlash of people who believe that it a way to enhance the rights of women. Kyle Murray from The Conversation strongly believes that women and the wider society will see positive results when the issues men face are properly addressed in a bid to close the gender gap.