Male Infertility Could Mean More Serious Health Issues At An Older Age


Research has shown that poor sperm quality causes fertility problems for one in ten men. The same issue has also been revealed to cause a higher risk of testicular cancer, which is a very common disease in young men today. Most times, when couple head to the clinic due to the man’s infertility, the clinics focus majorly on alternate means of birth. The implication of this is that; any future implication of the man’s infertility is ignored in favor of alternate birth methods.
Testicular cancer can be easily diagnosed by using an ultrasound scan of the testes. However, these days, most clinics rarely perform ultrasound scans which are actually helpful in revealing the cancerous cells early enough. Instead, these clinics go on to focus on sperm numbers and the method of assisted reproduction to go with.
It is worthy to note that testicular cancer is not the only possible side effect of infertility in men. Other health problems that can be associated with this condition are; metabolic syndrome (high blood sugar, high blood pressure and obesity), loss of bone mass and type 2 diabetes. These diseases, when left untreated eventually cause early death.
Aleksander Giwercman and Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman; two professors at Lund University discovered that 30% of all men who have low sperm quality also have low testosterone levels. They further revealed that when men lack the testosterone hormone, they have symptoms of bone loss and diabetes. Their research also revealed that men with low testosterone levels have higher tendency to die young.
It has now become very important to evaluate men who have infertility problems based n the fact that some of the most common diseases faced at a later age can be identified, and treated early. Doctors need to change the way infertility is handled, and they could save many more lives.