The Downside Of Barber Shops Going Out Of Fashion


Statistical numbers have revealed that the number of barber shops in the United Stated have been dwindling over the years. The importance of barber shops in the society cannot be over-emphasized, because they are seen as social institutions where men can express views on many social and political topics. This is where a lot of men form bonds with their fellow men in their various neighborhoods. The obvious question is; “What happens when such an important institution is seeming going out of fashion?”
However, the better is; “what is replacing these barber shops?”. We didn’t have to look too far to establish as a few interviews with men have revealed that so many premium men salons have been established in place of these barber shops that have gone out of fashion. The implication of this has been established from various points of view. While some think that men are gradually losing a social environment that gives them the opportunity to form bonds and friendships, others believe that these salons are actually a better option that reflect their class in society.
However, black communities have shown a certain resilience as the barber shops in these places are not closing down anytime soon. It is seemingly a part of the social structure in these neighborhoods and people who live in these areas prefer to patronize them.
In other communities, especially white communities, barber shops are gradually being phased out by men’s salons. However, contrary to the thought that this takes away the sociability of men, it actually increases the interaction with women hair stylists, as opposed to the male-centric environment of the barber shop. A few men have been found to prefer these kinds of relationships because it makes up for a sense of connection that they are lacking in their lives.