The Major Problem With The Masculine ‘Beach Body’ Mentality


These days, there is a rising pressure on men to look a certain way before they can be considered as “ideal” men. This pressure is quite subtle and has a tendency to go unnoticed when compared to the body shaming ads of women’s wear and cosmetic companies which has been condemned many times. This is where the problem comes from, the ads that men have to deal with are not exactly focused on sexual appeal, so they are taken with less levity. However, these ads tend to pose a certain body type of men with abs using men’s products and causing men to increasingly crave the kind of body they think is socially acceptable.
Such a mindset can be unhealthy for men and force them to take on habits that could be damaging to their health. Over the years, there are increased ads for protein weight loss products that show off men with carved bodies, hinting that usage will bring about such results. Ads like these make men contemplate plastic surgeries and use steroids and other harmful substances without supervision. The implication of this is that we are forming a society of men who are beginning to focus on what the society considers as body “flaws”.
Furthermore, men now a tendency to harm themselves in the process of trying to “fix” these flaws. Between 2008 and 2013 alone, plastic surgery for men has risen by 60%, and this points to a serious societal defect (beach body mentality) that needs to get addressed before it gets out of hand.