What Men Over 40 Should Be Eating


Men often see themselves as the capable of most things, confident men often see themselves as capable of anything. It is a good trait as it is important to maintain such a positive mindset. However, time waits for no man, and eventually age catches up to us all. Nonetheless, there are things that men need to do when they clock the big 4-0, and it’s not just exercise. Food is just as important, and I have gone ahead to put together a list of five foods that men who are over 40 should be eating to stay vibrant and healthy;

Green Tea
Men who are over 40 usually experience a change in their hormones that causes their metabolism to slow down. Green tea boosts metabolism, weight loss, and has prostate and brain related benefits.

Plant-Based Fats
When you eat foods like nuts, olive oil and avocados that are high in plant based fats, they help fight inflammation and causes of prostate cancer.

These red balls of nature are high in lycopene which serves and an antioxidant and phytonutrient that lead to lower risk of prostrate cancer. Tomatoes also slow down ageing by reversing the effects of sun damage and preventing wrinkles.

Green Leafy Vegetables
This might be an umbrella term for so many foods but dark-green vegetables have a lot health benefits. These range from a healthy brain to a healthy heart, digestive track and hormone regulation. These foods are highly nutritional and they keep ageing men agile.

Fishes High in Oil
A lot of fishes are high in Omega 3 fatty acids especially fishes like herrings, mackerels, sardines etc. The Omega 3 fatty acid works wonders on the brain, heart and prostrate health.

As you grow older, especially as you cross the age of 40, it becomes important to pay attention to what you eat, because what you eat eventually tells on the quality of your health. Regardless these foods are guaranteed to place you on the right track to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.