Why Cats are Great Pets for the Modern Men


    “Man’s best friend” is a phrase that commonly refers to domestic dogs and the loyalty and bond that they have with their owner. However, in this modern age where everything is faster and needs to be done faster, where we have smaller places to call home like apartments, it starts becoming hard to be a dog owner, since these animals always need care and attention and feel extremely lonely if their owner is not around, and in these moments of anxiety, they can destroy furniture, and imagine coming home stressed out from your job and finding your couch to be so chewed up by your dog that it might not be usable anymore.

    I present you the cat. For men who live alone in small places like apartments, or who must work a lot throughout the day but still want furniture in good conditions when they come back home, these animals might be the best pets to get, since they won’t destroy your house while you are hard at work, have more of an independent spirit than dogs do, and can take care of themselves daily just fine if you leave food, water, and a clean litterbox.

    Also, cats are generally silent, and while some of them love to play when they are younger, as they mature, they get more relaxed and chill. Of course, you still must take care of them, give them love, take them to the vet, teach them how to use the litterbox and everything else that any pet needs.

    The fact is, cats make for better pets in smaller environments than dogs do, since they don’t require as much effort as you would have with a dog for it to be happy, and you can play with them whenever you want, plus, you start to learn to appreciate different types of signs of affection, because even though they have a fame for being cold and manipulative creatures, that couldn’t be further from the truth.