Why Happiness Is Expressed Differently By Men And Women


It is very possible you might have heard this question at least once in your life, and it comes as no surprise. Women and men have always been subject to comparison over the years, and this is just another puzzle in a haystack of puzzles. The great thing about this puzzle is that; it has answer. Recent statistics has revealed that women’s happiness has been on the decline for over 30 years. The research conducted further revealed that women are two times more likely to experience depression in comparison to men.
Gender differences has a lot to do with emotional intensity and studies have established that social, biological and psychological factors cause the variation. Research has also revealed that women are more likely to experience intense positive feelings in comparison to men. What is even more amazing is that studies also confirm that women are also more likely to seek help and get treated, making them recover faster.
Women feel anger just as intensely as men do, but do not express it in the same manner, because society views it as socially unacceptable. This is what causes the problem of women being more prone to depression than men are. Men, on the other hand, are more analytical and logical in nature, making them better problem solvers with cognitive flexibility.
Studies have confirmed the existence of the inequality of happiness. Observations have shown that women find it harder to stay happy, because they are more physically reactive to social rejection. A good example is of how women prioritize other people’s needs over hers. However, it has been established that women are also resilient and exhibit a certain level of sociability.
Women always have a tendency to prioritize doing the right thing over being happy, but also have a tendency to do more fulfilling things, and this gives them greater joy.