Why Revenge Feels So Good


We have all had our fair share of revenge before we finally realized that it wasn’t the best way to go about things. However, one thing was certain, it always felt so good at the time. If you have ever wondered how something so bad could feel so good, well, you’re not alone. The phrase; “revenge is sweet” wasn’t created for no reason. In truth, as humans, we have a tendency to have difficulties with forgiveness, and associate a successful revenge ploy with a sense of victory.
In relationships generally, people love to feel like they are having a fair share of the things they think they deserve, and when the other party falls short of this, revenge is instinctually how they repay the favor. There are times when revenge does not make the perpetuators feel good due to varying factors.
Revenge ploys are usually never executed how most media channels portray them. If they were, then most people would be facing legal prosecution. Instead, revenge in relationships usually involve breaking the boundaries of a usual relationship like being less affectionate or not returning a text. Research has also revealed that people usually think that they would feel better after taking revenge, but they can almost never accurately predict how they will feel.
Revenge usually feels good but not as long as most people think it will and research has established it to be a bittersweet experience. Whether or not revenge feels good is based on two factors;
• How pleasing the act is
• How the target reacts to the act
Researchers have established that the reason why we feel so good about revenge has more to do with the latter factor. Our understanding that the act has affected the target in a way makes us feel more satisfied, ultimately making the revenge “sweet”.